Selfie Stand Hire

At Fleur&Co, we believe life is for celebrating. We think that every moment of your special day should be captured and kept forever. 
Our Selfie Stand is an iPad photo stand with a ring light, which looks and feels beautiful. It will bring your guests together, make them smile and laugh, and give them a fun picture to remember that moment forever. 
Our Selfie Stand is designed to blend perfectly into any venue, adding an extra touch of class to your event. 
The photos can be emailed and sent to your phone on the spot. In addition, all the photos are sent to you one the day after the event.
The price is a set day rate. 
All your photo templates can be personalized. We can also organise a unique backdrop for your special event. And we offer event styling.
We’ll bring and install everything that’s needed to capture the fun. But for remote locations, you can do it yourself.
Feel free to email us at or call us to 027702077, if you have any questions.